The Deep Blue Sea

*Huge sigh*

So many good reviews about this film, from people whose opinion I respect and usually agree with.

My review: dull, dull, boring and dull.

I actually feel quite confused because I had such an opposite reaction.  I found myself actively disliking the characters, and just wanted to shout at the screen for each of them to get a grip and grow up.

Such ponderousness.

Such self-indulgent clap-trap.

Such a disappointment.

Jack Goes Boating

I have to declare an interest in that I think I could happily watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in anything, at any time.

This is a very gently-done look at two relationships – one slowly developing and the other slowly disintegrating.  Jack is awkward and shy, but wants things to be perfect and so learns to swim and cook to make people happy.  His friend appears more confident and settled,but we get to learn that this is not the case as the story progresses.

No earth-shattering truths were revealed, but I enjoyed watching it.  By the way, it’s not really a comedy – though the trailer tries to make you think it is.

Le Quattro Volte

A totally extraordinary film.

There is no dialogue, apart from background conversations among the Calabrian villagers, and so there is no need for subtitles.

Nobody addresses the camera. There is no plot. There is no beginning, middle or end.

Daily events are placed in front of the viewer without comment, and we watch.

We watch, learn, and absorb all kinds of information about life in this little Italian village.  We observe life, death, rebirth, the passing of the seasons.  Man interacting with Nature.

Sounds very pretentious, but it is a beautiful film and I recommend it.  But give it your full attention when you do watch it – it deserves nothing less.