Habemus Papam – We Have a Pope

The main selling point of this film in the publicity was that it had been directed by Nanni Moretti (of which more below).  He also acts in the film, playing a psychoanalyst called in to assist a newly-elected Pope who feels overwhelmed by the responsibility thrust upon him.

I really enjoyed the levity with which the opening scene were handled – poking just the right amount of fun at the solemnity and pomp of the event without turning it into a farce.  And the choice of ending was, in my view, very well executed and did make me gasp as it was not what I had been expecting.

The middle, however, was the weak link and definitely on the saggy side, wallowing a bit too light-heartedly on the Pope-elect’s internal battle with himself.

I wanted to find out more about Nanni Moretti, and was intrigued to see him described as “the scourge of the Italian establishment” (the Guardian), and “an outspoken political leftist” (Wikipedia).  I was bemused!  The film I watched bore no witness to this, and several reviews seem to think he had either sold out or lost an opportunity by making such a light-hearted film.

I have nothing to compare these views with so I will reserve judgement for the moment – but I need to find out more!

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