The worst films I’ve seen in 2011

Now then, I am aware that some of these choices have been hailed elsewhere as excellent films, and one has even won an Oscar.

But this is a personal reflection, so here are the films I have bitterly regretted parting with money to sit through this year.

Number 5


Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and a dog. I had no interest in any of the main characters, and described it as ‘an emotionless rom-com’.

Number 4

Black Swan

Natalie Portman won an Oscar for this, and I just laughed all the way through. Apparently it’s not a comedy.

Number 3


I really do heart Matt Damon, but even he couldn’t redeem this film. It’s ridiculous from beginning to end, and I don’t know why he did it because he sure as hell can’t need the money.

Number 2

The Green Hornet

I was so bored watching this that I couldn’t even be bothered to write my review. What on earth was I thinking?

Number 1

The Deep Blue Sea

I don’t think I’ve come across one poor review of this film. And yet it was far and away the most awful, self-indulgent clap-trap I have seen in a long time. I disliked both of the main characters intensely.  I wanted to slap her, and tell her to grow up and get over herself.  I wanted to walk away from him and never see him again. Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful. I want my money back. And the two hours I spent in front of the screen. You get the picture.


So there you have them.  Feel free to comment, argue, disagree etc, or let me know the worst film you saw in 2011.  Top 5 tomorrow!

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