War Horse

In my Oscar round-up, I said I wasn’t interested in seeing this film, and I only ended up going bbecause a good friend wanted to see it.  So much for my good deed.

I managed to be both bored and confused at the same time.

The film is based on a hugely successful children’s story, and while I knew the stage adaptation had been really well received, I was also aware that the film had been adapted differently.  Having neither seen the play nor read the book, all I could do was take the film at face value.

The boredom factor was probably my own issue – the period in which the film is set is not one in which I have any interest; nor am I particularly interested in animals.

My confusion lay in that I’m not sure that the film knew who its audience actually was.

It’s based on a children’s book, the film was given a 12A certificate in the UK, and the plot was simplistic and endearing enough for a young audience. However, the scenes of war and battle were very brutal, and seemed at odds with the rest of the plot. 

Some of the larger scenes were impressive to be fair, but on the whole, it was neither one thing nor the other for me.

My actual quote about the Best Picture nominations was

it had to be here, but I have little interest

Having now seen the film, I’m not even sure it should be in the same company as The Artist and The Tree of Life.

So there 🙂


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