A Dangerous Method

A curious look at the beginnings of psychoanalysis following the relationships between Carl Jung and his mentor Sigmund Freud, and Jung and one of his patients.

Curious, because it never reaches any depth in exploring either psychoanalysis, or the relationships.

The timeline keeps hopping forwards, and while I generally don’t mind being made to work a little while watching a film, there were so many gaps that it ended up feeling episodic and  random.

The three central performances were fine: Viggo Mortensen was almost unrecognisable as Freud, Keira Knightley was surprisingly watchable (generally I can’t stand to look at her) and Michael Fassbender is swiftly gaining the title of “actor I would willingly pay to listen to reading from the telephone directory”.

But in making this a three-hander, rather than focussing on either doctor/patient or Jung/Freud, this film has crammed too much in and failed to do any part of it justice.


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