Isn’t it odd.

If I go to see a film in a foreign language, with subtitles in English, I’m now in the habit of expecting a certain type of film. A different type of film from those which are to be found at the multiplexes.

And so Headhunters surprised me a little.  It’s clearly riding on the current UK success of Scandinavian film and ‘Nordic Noir’ TV shows, and no reason why not. It has the overhead shots of cars driving through the forest, the classy interior decor … you get the picture.

But it’s actually an action/thriller movie which would be very much at home in any multiplex if it were in the English language.

It’s a decent romp with a couple of twists and turns and one or two interesting characters. It was spoiled a little by some clunky plot points, and the fact that events had to be explained at the end left me wondering whether it hadn’t tried to be just a little too clever for its own good.

I should imagine that when Hollywood remakes this with a few more special effects, it will be a huge moneyspinner – and you can quote me on that!

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