Iron Sky

In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon. In 2018 They Are Coming Back.

This crowd-funded Moon-Nazi film has been in the making for several years, and finally, for one night only, got its UK release.

Where to begin? Well, it really looks impressive – the sets, costumes and special effects certainly belie the budget, and when you consider this included space-wars, moon bases and an armada of extra-terrestrial vessels set upon invading Earth, then hats off to the team.

The nods to other films, Downfall in particular, drew well-deserved laughter; there is some entertaining fun-poking at other nations in the Situation Room, and Götz Otto is dashingly, handsomely, over-the-top-ly evil as Ober-Übermittlungskommandant Klaus Adler.

At best, this is an eccentric B-movie – I’m not even sure the word spoof hangs well on its shoulders.  There were times, however, when I felt decidedly uncomfortable watching this.  Several of the early ‘laughs’ are drawn at the expense of overtly racist ‘humour’, and that’s before we get to the Germans…

As someone who speaks German well, has lived there, and has spent years trying to dismantle the stereotypical “we have ways of making you talk” impression that lots of people still have of Germany, I was actually quite troubled by some of the imagery and characterisation on screen.

Yes, I know it was poking fun at all of that, and yes, it’s a preposterous premise that Nazis would hide on the moon until the Fourth Reich’s moment arrives, and yes, I love a silly space film more than lots of my friends.  But if you’re going to use humour for this, then your script has to be very, very clever indeed, and this wasn’t.  Presumably the German cast didn’t have a problem while they were filming it, but it did receive mixed reactions when it premiered at the Berlin Film Festival … 

There are those who are tipping Iron Sky to be the cult film of the decade. Me? Schade, aber einmal gesehen und das reicht, danke.



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