The Hunter

A man takes on a job to venture out into the Tasmanian wilderness to seek out an allegedly extinct animal.

But this is no friendly, cuddly save the animals plot – this is huge corporate greed which will stop at nothing to get what it wants.  As he searches for the Tasmanian tiger, the hunter (Willem Dafoe), realises that he is not the first to have taken on thie mission, and that his actions are being watched. His experiences challenge him to reflect on his own ethical views, and reach a dramatic decision.

The plot builds very slowly, but by the time the end has been reached, there is only one course of action he can take, and I think most of the audience is with him.

Broken down into actual events, I came away with the feeling that this was orignally a much more complicated plot, oversimplified to maintain a slow pace. Dafoe is well-cast, but for me, the themes were too under-played to have the impact that lurks just under the surface.

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