The Dark Knight Rises

So, spoiler free, I hope!

I loved this. As with Prometheus, I’d gone out of my way to avoid trailers, reviews etc, and loved the surprises, the twists and turns and almost all of the characters. There is certainly a lot going on in this film, and not all in the action sequences either.

The ‘Dark’ in the title is definitely explored in the photography, costumes, plot, and character motivations, and the leitmotif of ‘Rising’ is visited several times.

The Wayne/Bane face-off (if you can call it that when both are wearing masks*) is really well done. It can’t really be described as Dark v Light, and I’m not even sure if the old ‘two sides of the same coin’ cliché works, but the connection between the two grows gradually over the course of the film and I did find it really tense.

And I totally squealed out loud with glee twice, once when [don’t worry, I’m not going to say here 🙂], and again when [trust me, I don’t do spoilers but ask me if you want to know!], which made me so glad that I had avoided anything to do with the film before viewing.

Interestingly, there was a short period in the middle where I was a tad bored, but by the end I had forgotten this as it all fitted together nicely. And I wondered briefly whether there were too many villains complicating matters somewhat, but again, it all fitted together, so I came to the conclusion that Nolan had got it just about right.

If I could just nitpick a tiny bit, it’s about the casting and use of Tom Hardy as the pantomime baddie. There have been complaints that, due to the character’s face mask, it was difficult to understand his dialogue. I didn’t have that problem, but I did think he sounded like Sir Ian MacKellen treading the boards as one of the Ugly Sisters. Which was odd. And because the mask covered his mouth, you’d be hard pushed to actually recognise it was Tom Hardy. 

That aside, this is the best blockbuster of the year by far, and a more than fitting finale to the trilogy.

*Yes, I know technically The Batman wears a cowl, not a mask …

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