It’s been the year of crime-fighting heros with headgear, apparently.

I’m not a comic book reader, so I can’t comment on the relationship between this film and 2000AD, but a quick internet search seems generally postitive.

But from the non-fan-girl point of view this was a passable grimy gore fest, with little plot but lots of violence.

I liked that Dredd was presented with no back story and that he kept the headgear on throughout. Obviously this made Karl Urban’s job all the more difficult, but I think he got it just right, and in my view surpassed Christian Bale in the arena of chin-acting.  I wasn’t so keen on the fluffy psychic sidekick girl.

I tried very hard not to have to watch this in 3D, but there didn’t seem to be much opportunity to see a 2D version, so I gave in. The extreme slow motion scenes did benefit from the 3D effect and were quite spectacular, but beyond that, I couldn’t get too excited about having to wear headache inducing glasses.

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