Where No Bond Has Gone Before.

NB: Above the video, guaranteed no spoilers!  Comments which contain spoilers occur after the video, and are preceded by A VERY LARGE WARNING J

Casino Royale was the perfect Bond reboot, and opened up so many possibilities for the character. Quantum of Solace couldn’t decide what the actual plot was, and undid all the good of Casino Royale.

So Skyfall had a huge task if it wasn’t to fail the franchise for good.

But relax, ladies and gentlemen, for it is indeed a most excellent film.

Why? Because it has all the things you want and expect from Bond, and just a little bit more. High-speed chases – check. Glamorous women and locations – check. A really evil villain with proper motivation – check. A story line which makes sense and which we care about – checkety check.

It also has the unexpected – it allows the past to be peaked at and revisited in several ways, which brings perhaps not depth, but certainly layers, to the characters and plot, and touches base with the Bond of 50 years ago. 

It is beaufully shot (I was particularly taken by the scenes combining fire and fog in Scotland) and brilliantly scored. Two points in particular, both in connection with The Car, make perfect use of familiar music, and I even (just about) forgave the pub singing of the theme tune because the titles which accompany it were outstanding.

I pondered for a short while whether Casino Royale was a better film because of the way it relaunched the franchise. But no. Skyfall has the action and glamour of Bond, plus the added layers which, for me don’t spoil the Bond mystique.

Bring on the 24th film!



Just two things, really.

Firstly, I will admit to being a teeny bit disappointed by the Eve ‘reveal’ at the end. I’m not sure that the character we saw during the film *is* suited to a desk job. Perhaps there are other things planned for her in the future – I hope so. The reveal at the end of The Dark Knight Rises was much more pleasing.

Which brings me to my second point.

Not that it spoiled Skyfall one bit, but this Bond story certainly had several shades of Batman about it. No? Well, I give you:

  • An orphaned, only child, returns to the childhood home to rejoin battle.
  • A ‘dead’ hero, hiding away from the world, puts the suit on again when his country needs him.
  • A psycopathic nemesis with a manic grin and a deformed face.
  • Dammit, he even chases the baddies on a motorbike! 
  • And then there’s the ‘standing on the rooftop surveying the territory’ bit.

Just saying 🙂

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