The worst films I’ve seen in 2012

I’m generally saved from seeing truly awful films because I heed film reviewers who have already seen them and done the hard work for me.

So the films I see that are poor are usually more of a disappointment, or something I went to against my better judgement. Here are the five I wish I’d saved the tram fare on. (If you’d like to read my longer opinions on the films, click on the titles.)

Number 5

I, Anna

A decent story given the wrong emphasis leading to a hugely disappointing cinematic experience.

Number 4

War Horse

This wouldn’t have been my choice – I accompanied a friend to see this. Boring and confusing – who was this supposed to be for?

Number 3

De rouille et d’os (Rust and Bone)

You know when everyone raves about a film and you just don’t get it? That. 

Hopelessly sentimental with an unforgivably schmaltzy ending.

Number 2

7 Días en la Habana (7 Days in Havana)

Colourful, but somewhat underwhelming, with some segments of this ‘portmanteau’ film being stronger than others.

Number 1

Take This Waltz

Far and away the most annoying film I saw in 2012. Too many coincidences, no depth to the main protagonists, and supporting characters whose storyline had no bearing on the flim’s plot whatsoever. But props to Michelle Williams for being good with rubbish material.


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