Gangster Squad

This film starts with a very deliberate 1940s style film noir narrative, which began to draw me in, and which fit very well with the trailers I’d seen.

But for some reason it then took on a comic book feel and it was downhill from there.

Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling should have been more than enough muscle to front up a tough gangster movie, but Penn hams it up, Brolin underplays and Gosling is disappointingly wishywashy (and seems to have overdone the lipgloss for some reason).

Emma Stone in the first part of the film captures the 40s attitude and looks of the femme fatale perfectly, but then even she turns into a bit of a wimp to be honest.


Life of Pi

I have to agree with the many comments I’ve seen and heard about the visual impact of this film – the colours, special effects and 3D were all beautifully done.

I also enjoyed the fantastical element of the story-telling – boy v tiger v nature.  Where this disappointed though was the ‘you will believe in God’ business. The film didn’t need to go there to convet its message, and to my mind it was an audacious (or cynical) and unneccessary addition.

Should perhaps add that I haven’t read the book.