To The Wonder

Terrence Malik’s previous film, Tree of Life, was something of a revelation for me, and I decided that despite everything, I loved it.

So I was ready for, and indeed looking forward to, To The Wonder.  Sadly, this fell flat.

I didn’t care enough about the characters because I wasn’t allowed to get to know them, and for a story about love, there was little depth to the emotion on screen; I couldn’t feel any chemistry between any of the lovers.

The biggest problem was actually in the casting – Olga Kurylenko was just so annoying with her scampering through fields, looking over her shoulder to make sure we were still following her, conveying childishness rather than instability.  And Ben Affleck just doesn’t have the acting range to be silent and enigmatic when you can only see the back of his head.

It looks gorgeous, but lacks substance.

Beautifully empty.

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