Cloud Atlas

Not quite sure where to start with this! As I understand it, the underlying theme is that we are all connected somehow, and this thread is presented visually by using an ensemble cast of actors in various costumes, prosthetics and make up to play an array of characters in six different episodes over a time span of hundreds of years.  The six episodes are intercut, so that you have to work reasonably hard to keep hold of each of the narratives.

With the exception of the comedy knock-about storyline in the retirement home (which I didn’t warm to when reading the book, either), each story is interesting and entertaining, with some good turns from Hugh Grant (yes, the very same!) and the ever-wonderful Ben Wishaw.  Tom Hanks was a bit all over the place and Halle Berry was, well, interesting.

I’m not sure that the six stories wove together cohesively enough to make the film work as a whole, but I found it engagingly bonkers.

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