Den Skaldede Frisør – Love Is All You Need

There was much kerfuffle from the group of middle-aged women who occupied the back row of the cinema for this one. And not because of the presence of Pierce Brosnan.

No, the consternation was because the opening titles and first few minutes of this film are in Danish, the ladies obviously hadn’t factored this in, and were debating whether to stay or go. In the end they stayed, and I hope they weren’t disappointed. I wasn’t.

Yes, there is a romantic story which plays out during the film, but there is a bit more to it than that, including serious illness, bereavement and the fall out from marital infidelity, which are not brushed over and which offer a nice balance. I think Susanne Bier has done better “family-centred melodrama with a twist” in the past, but this is worth spending time with.

More than your average rom-com


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