The Great Gatsby

More like The Great Baz-by! This doesn't so much capture the essence of the Roaring Twenties as wrap it up in tinsel and fairy lights, and plant it on the top of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. It would be silly to expect anything else from Baz Luhrmann, and yet the wild parties are … Continue reading The Great Gatsby

Star Trek Into Darkness

Be prepared - when you climb aboard this particular Enterprise rollercoaster, you will only be allowed off once Kirk and crew have finally got the bad guys. It is relentless Trek, with plenty of nods to the original characters and events, combined with non-stop action or plot so that you don't have time to think … Continue reading Star Trek Into Darkness

Elefante Blanco – White Elephant

Yet another collaboration between director Pablo Trapero, and actors Ricardo Darín and Martina Gusman (the previous being Carancho last year). This one is set in a slum settlement of Buenos Aires, where Darín's priest and Gusman's social worker attempt the thankless task of supporting and bringing hope to a vast group of forgotten people. As … Continue reading Elefante Blanco – White Elephant


You know, I quite liked this! There's a bit of action, a lot of sci-fi and some not too shabby special effects, but I actually liked the concept behind the story most. Which isn't easy to talk about without really giving away too much, so I won't. Tom Cruise is fine, although I'm not sure … Continue reading Oblivion