Los Amantes Pasajeros – I’m So Excited

Mucho anticipation going into this film. Being an Almodóvar fan for many years, in my opinion he can be relied upon to bring dark, funny stories with his trademark muses, dramatic colour and varying hints of naughtiness.

So the only conclusion I can reach is that Pedro was a bit tired this time, and the Old Master let one of the workshop apprentices finish it off. It looks like an Almodóvar, but lacks any humour at all and it’s actually a bit crass in places. Yes we know that the Spanish powerful are royally screwing the masses, but we don’t need to see it so literally. And so often.

It’s like boarding a plane expecting First Class seats on Emirates, only to find you’re near the loo with Ryanair. Such a disappointment.


2 thoughts on “Los Amantes Pasajeros – I’m So Excited

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