Upstream Colour

This is the second film in a row where I have left the cinema not really knowing what to think about the film I’ve just seen.

All I can say is that I am still thinking about it over a week later, so it certainly has left an impression.

What I can say is that I didn’t dislike it.

The ‘narrative’ is loose, jumbled and jumpy, and the characters difficult to get to know, yet it’s the feel of the film that stayed with me; something about that ‘wading through treacle’ or detached feeling I’ve had when trying to come to terms with a difficult situation or event.  Just keep going and eventually things will work out.

I can imagine some people will call it pretentious, and I can understand that. I can imagine other will hate it, and I can understand that too.

It’s different. And a bit weird. Go with no expectations and make your own mind up.


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