Enough Said

It’s really nice to come across a film about relationships which doesn’t involve a lot of screaming and shouting, and which actually shows some of the anxieties of trying to date in middle age, after the days of youthful exuberance have passed.

That’s exactly what Enough Said brings to the table. The insecurities of the characters played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and James Gandolfini are there for all to see – they’re not high flyers, or impossibly beautiful young things, just ordinary people trying to get on with life.

For me, it could have done without the last few minutes, but that probably says more about me and my mindset than anything else.

It’s an absolutely lovely, sweet, sad and funny film, and one of the saddest things is watching Gandolfini give a really touching performance and realising that it is his last.


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