Thor: The Dark World

I had been anticipating the return of the demi-god for quite some time, as the first Thor film was hugely entertaining, as was Marvel Avengers Assemble.

This isn’t as good as either of the above, but it is solid value for money and ticks most of the required boxes.

The script needed some lighter touches, and a quick glance at a map of the London underground would inform even the most out-of-touch superhero that Charing Cross is not three stops down the line from Greenwich. But it is the villains who are the biggest disappointment -they are actually quite boring, which is not what I was expecting from the Marvel universe.

The special effects are great, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki is in his element. The scenes between Loki and Thor are particularly good, and I have always thought Chris Hemsworth does a great job of showing how Thor can be both saving the universe and out of his comfort zone with the ways of Earth at the same time.

If you’re familiar with the Marvel film extras, don’t be fooled by the credits – stay to the end. And I mean, the very end.

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