I tend to avoid 3D as it usually gives me a headache, but I went with it for Gravity, and threw IMAX into the mix for good measure. I was not disappointed.

This is a remarkable film – not for the plot, of which there is alarmingly little – but for the fact that it is unlike any other film set in space that I have ever seen.

The 3D is perfect for capturing  the floating/falling effects required, and the special effects people are truly geniuses for creating the images they have.

It also benefits from a great performance from Sandra Bullock, who manages to be weightless and deliver corny lines of dialogue wearing only a vest and knickers.

The only sad thing is that when this film is re-shown on TV, or watched on DVD, it just won’t look the same – it needst to be seen on a gi-normous screen for full effect.

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