La vie d’Adèle – Blue is the Warmest Colour

Such a lot of hype surrounded this controversial film of a young woman discovering her sexuality that I was in two minds as to whether to even go and see it. As usual, however, I decided that I should go and see it and make my own mind up.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way to start with. Firstly, the scenes of sex between the two women are indeed explicit, and although I can partly see the relevance to the emotional ties between the characters, there is no need for the scenes to be quite so long.

Secondly, the performance of Adèle Exarchopoulos is quite extraordinary,, and deserves all the praise being meted out.

However, not only was I at times very bored with what was happening, the more I reflect on what I have seen, the angrier I get.

Director Abdellatif Kechiche is having a laugh. He has managed to pull the wool very firmly over the eyes of many viewers by playing out the fixations and desires of his own mid-life crisis on-screen and couching it as an arty coming of age story that only the French can do.

There’s even a scene where a rather pretentious man opines to a captive female audience on the subject of men envying female sexuality, and a character, sympathetic and even a little flirtatious with Adèle, who is a bit-part actor of North African heritage – very much like our director.

Kechiche could just as easily have put up a huge sign saying “Try Women, Choose Me(n)” and I would have taken the same message from the film.

Directorial self-indulgence.

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