The worst films I’ve seen in 2013

As ever with this annual list, these are probably not the worst films, but the ones which have angered, irritated or disappointed me the most this year. Click the film title where there’s a link to find out what I thought just after seeing the film.

Number 5 Renoir

Airy fairy nothing happens not very interesting characters: opportunities for a decent storyline squandered.

Number 4 – Thérèse Desqueyroux

*blows out cheeks and sighs heavily*  A right bucket of sunshine. Emotionless and generally unlikeable characters with whom it is difficult to engage. Tedious.

Number 3 – Gangster Squad

Starts well, but the all-star cast are wishywashy, and Ryan Gosling appears to be wearing too much lipgloss. Shallow.

Number 2 – Post Tenebras Lux

Overly self-indulgent, and pretentious even by my threshold. Probably suffers from the fact that I was anticipating it too much.

Number 1 – Frances Ha

Oh. My. God. A film populated by self-centered, old enough to know better, aimless twenty-somethings who basically need to get over themselves. Hipster twaddle.

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