The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo di Caprio takes centre stage as Jordan Belmont, one of the most loathsome people you could ever meet. Forget the debate about whether the film neglects its responsibility to the victims of Belmont's business practices - this film isn't about that, and so it doesn't even come into question. This is a character study … Continue reading The Wolf of Wall Street

12 Years A Slave

Cards on the table - this is not an easy film to watch. And I'm glad, too, because nothing about this man's experience should be easy to watch. To the people who complain about there being so much violence in the film - IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. SLAVERY ACTUALLY HAPPENED. THIS IS NOT INVENTED IN ORDER … Continue reading 12 Years A Slave

American Hustle

American Hairstyle, more like. Which actually tells you what you need to know from me - the extravagance of the various coiffure arrangements had me entranced to the point where I wasn't fully engaging with the film. The obsession with hair, nails, gold chains and revealing cleavage was reminiscent of a fancy dress party rather than … Continue reading American Hustle

Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

Beautiful Mads Mikkelsen - astride a horse and speaking French for added enjoyment - sets out to right a wrong done unto him. Loosely based on a novella by Heinrich Von Kleist, the themes of vengeance and God's justice for the righteous were lost for me among a lot of trekking around on horses and … Continue reading Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas