Separated Man buys Operating System. Man and Operating System begin to form a deep relationship. No-one bats an eyelid.

And that last bit is what makes this such a lovely film.

The near-future setting is close enough to reality to make it all seem eminently possible, and it’s not an oppressive future – it’s bright, friendly, and beautifully shot. The inhabitants of this world are accustomed to interacting constantly with technology, to such an extent that our hero makes a living from crafting beautiful handwritten letters for customers who don’t feel they know how to write them for themselves.

Joaquin Phoenix is remarkable, when you take into account that he is acting against a disembodied voice for most of the time. His character is flawed, yes, but also funny and sweet and very likeable.

One of the first films in a long time that I am looking forward to seeing again.

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