Nymphomaniac Vol I and II

Although these are now being shown as two separate films in cinemas, actually there is no resolution at the end of the first ‘volume’, merely a loo break.

I have a lot of sympathy for Lars von Trier. I believe he is a highly gifted film maker with a lot of inner demons, which he tries to work through via his films. Sometimes this works better than others.

On this occasion, I think it missed the mark.

Is he trying to say that he feels his depression is due to the fact that his mother didn’t show him enough love? Is he trying to punish himself for what he thinks of as his short-comings by ‘punishing’ the lead character (who represents Lars) on screen? Physical extremes aside, there is so much going on (fly fishing, Fibonacci numbers, fugues) that only half-fits together, like there was just too much for Lars to hold on to and it wouldn’t all mesh together.

As ever, some fabulous music choices, but I much prefer Melancholia.

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