Captain America: The Winter Soldier

First time in my life I have ever been to a big premier (albeit a regional one), so that means I have seen a film a whole week before it is on general release!

On the one hand, this is your usual Marvel romp, with heroes fighting villains and good triumphing over evil.

On the other hand, it is a bit of a departure from previous Marvel fare.

Cap is an interesting character. Of all the Avengers, he’s the most like us – he knows what it’s like to feel overlooked and powerless, and was chosen for his role because he would never abuse any superiority he obtained. That’s also the weak point of his stories though – story writers have to work hard to match the pizzaz of Iron Man or the power of Thor.

And so this storyline is actually a bit of a political thriller wrapped up in a superhero costume, and works well. Captain Steve Rogers finds himself in a situation where he doesn’t know who he can trust, and has to make some difficult decisions. The plot covers questions about national security, surveillance and justifications for war, and although it only scratches the surface, it’s an interesting direction.

It was good to see Nick Fury getting a little more screen time, and Falcon was great fun with some excellent flying scenes and a warm and engaging performance.

Interestingly though, the Winter Soldier of the title is absent for huge chunks of the film, and is definitely an opportunity missed. There are also moments when the number of commuters and passers-by getting caught in the crossfire is just too much, and not something I would have anticipated in Cap’s world.

I love Chris Evans in this role – there is incredible sadness and loss in the character, yet an unswerving sense of duty to do the right thing for the right reason, in difficult circumstances.

I adored the touching bedside scene (no spoilers, but happy to discuss once you’ve seen it!) and am desperate to find a screen shot of Cap’s list (I had enough time to read three items but want to know the rest).

Quite frankly, a proper hero.

2 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  1. nice little review, loved the scene with Cap’s list! The ones I remember are “Rocky (iii?)”, and “Star Wars/Trek”. Overall I think the Winter Soldier was a bit under-used, but there was enough other stuff in there (not trying to give away spoilers here for anyone who hasn’t seen it) to keep us interested. I was at the regional premiere in Cardiff, where were you? Have a read of my review of it, see what you think:


    1. Thanks for your comment Luke! I saw the film in Manchester. To add to your list, I remember The Beatles and Sean Connery, but if you can believe the internet, then the US list showed something different. Guess the screen shots will start appearing soon!

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