The most oft-used word I’d heard or seen about this film was ‘bonkers’ – and this is the main reason I went to see it.

Perhaps I haven’t seen enough Aronofsky films to understand where he’s coming from, but his last film, Black Swan, made my bottom 5 of 2011 and had me laughing out loud. Apparently it’s not a comedy, and Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her performance.

Anyway, I went to see for myself just how ‘bonkers’ Noah is, and had quite an enjoyable time actually.

It’s too long, obviously, and the rock monsters were a bit peculiar, but I liked what the film was saying about man’s exploitation of Earth’s resources, and also the complexities of Noah himself – is he a fundamentalist? zealot? psychotic? just a bit troubled?

I’m not always appreciative of Russell Crowe’s work, but he was a good pick for this role. Less sure about Ray Winstone for once, but it’s clear that Russell will grow up to be Ray one day, so we will never be without a more mature, rough around the edges actor in possession of a range of dodgy accents.

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