Hugely anticipated by me (and many others, I imagine) due not only to the subject matter, but also the directorial debut of Wally Pfister, longtime collaborator on the films of Christopher Nolan.

The premise upon which the film is based certainly has a lot of potential. Technology and the internet  play such an important role in our lives, and guessing how that may play out in a not too distant future is only natural (think of the recent Her, for example). How close are we to creating an independent artificial intelligence?  And how would it behave once it existed?

The film, sad to say, is a real disappointment.  The ending is presented at the very beginning, so that what little suspense there is dissipates as you remember how it all finishes. The artificial intelligence (a bloatedly boring Johnny Depp) obviously views itself as an omnipotent deity, actually curing the sick in the desert – the lame walk and the blind see – and eventually, it has to be stopped.  So do you condemn it to death, or do you allow it to sacrifice itself for the good of the rest of the world … ?  I know it was being shown over Easter weekend, but really …

So while this should have had something to say about how we manage whether we are in charge of the internet or if it is the boss of us, it just became a cliché-ridden, poorly drawn analogy, with some weakly sketched characters, and Morgan Freeman playing Morgan Freeman.

Biggest disappointment of the year so far.

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