So there’s a volcano, and some gladiators, and a woman who’s too thin really to be properly beautiful, and a young man who’s quite handsome and can ride horses well.  And there’s Kiefer Sutherland with a very strange mid-Atlantic accent. Not quite sure what he was aiming for there.

It’s not actually about the volcano, it’s really a love story between the two young people, and what’s good about the film is, with a few lava explosions and a bit of fighting thrown in for the boys, it actually remembers that is what it is. What I mean is, at one point I was concentrating on how the storyline was playing out and had forgotten that the volcano hadn’t erupted yet – the film is called Pompeii, not Vesuvius for a reason.

It’s not overly long, either, which made it a very suitable, park your brain at the door mid-week treat.

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