Q&A with Hossein Amini and Viggo Mortensen


It’s nice to get to see a preview screening of a film, and even better if someone connected with the film is present and willing to talk about it afterwards.

This was the case for The Two Faces of January recently, following which writer/director Hossein Amini and actor Viggo Mortensen took to the stage to engage with the audience on what they had just seen.

Fortunately for everyone concerned, the film was well received – I would be interested to witness a Q&A where this was not the case, but so far my limited experiences of these events have all been positive.

Whilst the obvious topics came up – adapting Patricia Highsmith’s novel, casting, costumes etc – I was most intrigued by the passing references to filming on location in Turkey and Greece at the beginnings of civil unrest in response to the economic situations in both countries.

The film is set mostly in Greece and with some scenes in Istanbul, but apparently filming in Croatia and passing it off as Greece does offer financial incentives – which the director passed over to have the authentic locations described in the novel.

Trying to film among the tourists at Knossos looked like it would be tricky, but on the day, a general strike in Greece closed all such sites and monuments to the public, leaving cast and crew a clear run for their shooting that day.


Hoping for the opportunity to attend more events like this!

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