Edge of Tomorrow

A tightly-written, well acted story of a PR guy who gets caught in a time loop and ends up as a top-notch soldier trying to save the world from alien invasion.

Tom is good, Emily is even better, and the film-makers have done well to present the repetitive part of the story in a lively and interesting way. It makes a change too that the target city this time is Paris, not New York or San Francisco.

But despite all the good stuff, I think I am suffering from battle fatigue. I’ve had enough for the time being of films where ginormous monsters/aliens/humans in armoured suits smash each other to bits. Yes the premise of Edge of Tomorrow is clever, but Source Code does it much better and without the warcraft.

It’s probably a sign of the times, and of our current insecurity this century, that being invaded by big bad outsiders who don’t look like we do and don’t speak our language is what preoccupies filmmakers at the moment.

But I’ll be giving Transformers 4 a miss, I think.

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