There’s a pivotal moment for Hercules in this film (you’ll know which one if you’ve seen it – there’s a big build up, and it takes place in a dungeon with chains involved) which actually elicited a standing ovation from a group of young men behind me. And that was absolutely fine.

This is a film that has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, but without making terrible fun of the source material. It’s funny where it wants to be, and hits the tone of humour absolutely spot on.

If you want a classical retelling of the Hercules myth, then this isn’t for you. But it does deal very nicely with tales of old, accepting who you are, and embracing your principles.

There are visual nods to classics such as Ben Hur and Jason and the Argonauts, and some definite scenery-chewing from a number of British actors. But in the end, I’m glad Dwayne Johnson took this role – The Rock makes Hercules a demi-god with a sense of humour. And a nice line in leather skirts.


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