L’écume des jours – Mood Indigo

Whimsy is a word I can’t abide, and Michel Gondry is a director whose films haven’t captivated me to date. The two may or may not be related. Add in getting-too-old-for-this-kookiness Audrey Tautou and I-always-have-a nasty-smell-under-my-nose Romain Duris, and I was having serious doubts about seeing this film in the first place.

Despite all of this, Mood Indigo turned out to be my favourite Michel Gondry film to date – not that the bar was ever very high.

So eccentric Duris lives in a quirky world and has a fantastical romantic connection with kooky Tautou, until their curious relationship turns sour and their wacky world is turned on its head. Strangeness aside, it’s a nice little story with some great use of colour, and a nice turn from Omar Sy.

What’s puzzling is that the cinema billed the running time as 125 minutes, yet it was all over in an hour and a half. Staff couldn’t clarify why this was, and I wonder if the longer version would have been a bit more satisfying, or whether I would have been overwhelmed in a world of whimsy.

Best quit while I’m ahead, I suppose.

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