Guardians of the Galaxy

The further I get away from this film, the less I like it. On immediately leaving the cinema, I proclaimed it as ‘fine’, but I knew wouldn’t be joining it with the massive praise heaped on it by many others.

In the days that have passed, I found myself actually getting annoyed with it. For a number of reasons.

  1. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like talking animals. Verbally challenged tree-creatures are just about bearable, but anthropomorphised rodents? No thanks. And as for the post-credit sequence …
  2. The interminable pop culture references. The only character who understood them was Han Solo/Indiana Jones mash-up Peter Quill, and I suspect they will also pass over the heads of a large proportion of the target audience. So in making fun of his fellow travellers, he’s making fun of the audience too.
  3. Zoe Saldana. She’s running out of colours in the body paint department as quickly as they can think of space-related roles for her. Aren’t there any other actresses available?

But most importantly – why does this film feel it has to go out of its way to be a comedy? It tries far too hard to be funny, to set up jokes. The funniest things in, for example, Thor or The Avengers Assemble emerge naturally from the characters’ reactions to various situations. They don’t need a punchline to be funny.

But the wise-cracks just keep on coming in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it wears a lot thin after not very long.

Love Drax though. And Baby Groot.

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