¿Quién es Dayani Cristal? – Who is Dayani Cristal?

Gael Garcia Bernal can always be relied upon to be part of some thought-provoking films. He was in my favourite film of both 2012 (También la Lluvia) and 2013 (No), and with ¿Quién es Dayani Cristal?, he has not let me down this year either.

Bernal mixes two strands in this documentary – one presents the tireless work of a handful of Americans in identifying the hundreds of corpses of illegal migrants, retrieved annually from the Arizona desert. The other features Bernal himself, following the route of so many would-be migrants, starting from a village in Central America as they head north in search of meagre economic rewards.

The actor/producer hits a decent note of reportage mixed with the personal story, and of course a happy ending would be too much to hope for.

Am now hoping that this man’s excellent film making streak continues in 2015 – Rosewater (also starring Golshifteh Farahani) sounds like it has potential.

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