The Congress

Robin Wright plays an actress called Robin Wright whose last role is to allow her image to be digitised and used by the film company as they wish.

What I admire very much about this film are the interesting questions it raises about image and longevity, given the current possibilities with CGI and film making. I also like that it looks at how our future selves may seek to deal with life’s difficulties, instead of turning to drugs/alcohol.

But at the point where the live action changes to animation for the first time, I have to admit I was lost for quite a while. There seemed to be a disconnect between the two parts which was only partially resolved for me by the end of the film. I came away with the feeling that there are two really interesting issues here which the film makers have forced into one film, when actually they would have been worthy of exploration individually.

But you have to admire the attempt to do something different.

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