Deux jours, une nuit – Two Days, One Night

Poor old Marion Cotillard is about to return to work after a period of depression, only to discover that her colleagues have, under pressure, voted for a bonus instead of her return. She must channel all of what remains of her mental fortitude into visiting each of her colleagues over the weekend to persuade them – almost beg them – to forgo the bonus and vote for her to keep her job instead.

Watching Cotillard repeat her task was exhausting, but her portrayal of a person struggling with depression was pitch-perfect. The hardships facing some of her colleagues are revealed, and the whole story-line is as much a commentary on the situation of many low-paid workers and immigrants in Europe as it is on Sandra’s battle to retain her job.

It’s a film I’m certainly very glad I’ve seen, but that I would find very difficult to watch again.


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