What a load of codswallop.

Scarlett accidentally absorbs huge quantities of some substance or other which gradually unlocks heretofore untapped areas of her brain. Morgan spends his screen time explaining ‘the science part’ in measured tones. Neither he nor the French cop seem to be remotely perturbed by all the goings on, and the poor CGI effects (apes,dinosaurs, men being levitated up to the ceiling) are laughable. I might have even guffawed, if I actually knew what that meant.

What I did gather is that apparently, if your body starts disintegrating as a result of ingesting this substance, the solution is to have even more of the stuff.  This seems to make everything OK again for a while. But then if you purposely give yourself even more of it, things get super weird. I guess nobody ever said it was supposed to make sense.

I think there is something of interest in comparing Scarlett’s ‘character’ in Her  with Lucy – in each film, the part she plays evolves and discovers things about humanity as she amasses knowledge.

But I couldn’t be more specific than that because I was laughing too much. And not in a good way.

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