Gone Girl

So the girl is gone. But where? And more to the point, why?

Far too much has been written about this film holding up a mirror to Modern Marriage, or that it is misogynistic, blah blah blah … well we can stop that right now.

This is just a good thriller with a few interesting twists, driven by a couple of individuals who we soon learn are unstable narrators.

It takes a good dig at those hounding down (and consuming) content for 24 hour media outlets, and for this reason, Ben Affleck was great casting here for his own personal experience (think Bennifer). Neil Patrick Harris was too … well … disconcerting I suppose, and could have done with underplaying his character a little to start with.

But Rosamund Pike did indeed live up to all the marvellous things being said about her, and definitely deserves all the praise.

Difficult to say more without spoilers – but worth a watch.

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