There’s no doubting the mightily impressive visual impact of this film.

It’s a shame though that the script decided it had to be just as grandiose.

Overblown and verbose, there is far too much unnecessary telling and a lack of believable characters, with Michael Caine reprising his role as Professor Explanation yet again (surely Nolan could at least have come up with someone different this time?) and Matthew McConnaughey as a doting father who suddenly can’t wait to leave the galaxy and his family behind.

Some of the ideas are really interesting, but the whole thing comes across as pompous and having delusions of grandeur because it takes so much time to e-x-p-l-a-i-n everything. The score didn’t help either, being often intrusive, particularly the pipe-organ overtures.

But I was at my most annoyed by the Anne Hathaway character. Not the actress – she did what she could with what she was given, as did all the cast – but with her character’s mid-way switch from serious scientist to simpering judgement-impaired idiot. Why was it the female scientist who took this path? Because Nolan struggles to write proper roles for female characters. Eye-rolling and tutting was the order of the day.

Final thought – for a world where crops where failing rapidly, there was an awful lot of beer drunk. Where did all the wheat come from?

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