The Imitation Game

It’s taken me a while, but I finally get the Cumber-hype. Take the last 3 films I’ve seen him in (this one, August: Osage County and 12 Years a Slave), and it’s impossible to deny his talent.

I also thought Keira Knightley was good too, which surprised me immensely as she drives me mad in the kooky roles she often takes. But see A Dangerous Method for a good performance – the conclusion must be that she should dump the rom-coms and stick to the serious stuff.

Although this is a film about real people, I wouldn’t call it a biopic – but I understand why those who do may be disappointed in it. I see this as a film about the cracking of the Enigma code, with the major character struggling with suppression and repression. It doesn’t set out to be about homosexuality and what happened to Turing afterwards, and slightly weakens itself by the final images in this regard, suddenly referring to something which had been mostly kept held in (which is how Cumberbatch plays Turing).

I definitely think there is another film to be made about that – but perhaps Derek Jacobi’s TV drama has already done that.

Anyway, I enjoyed this loads more than I thought I would.

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