My least favourite films of 2014

For the last few years, I’ve called this list ‘The Worst Films I’ve Seen’. But as I generally choose not to see things which I know will irritate me (eg anything with Jim Carrey) or genres such as horror, then the films below are usually more of a disappointment than anything. Usually.

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Number 5 The Zero Theorem

Tried really hard to like this, but just left me feeling nothing at all.

Number 4 – Transcendence

Hugely anticipated – massively disappointing. Tells you the end at the very beginning, Johnny Depp bores, and Morgan Freeman plays Morgan Freeman.

Number 3 – The Wolf of Wall Street

Difficult to enjoy a film where the main character looks directly at you and dismisses your intelligence with “you wouldn’t understand”. After three hours of Leo, it’s McConnaughey’s short appearance that is the lasting memory.

Number 2 – Mistaken for Strangers

Self-indulgent and manipulative.  I had to watch this 75 minute film in two sittings as the characters were just unbearable.

Number 1 – Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Rancho Notorious, you have a lot to answer for. You made me go. I wasted the price of a bottle of wine and an hour and half of my life on this. And I’m not sure I will ever, ever forgive you. Ever.

One thought on “My least favourite films of 2014

  1. I’m with you on most of that list. Completely disagree on Wolf of Wall Street. Think a lot of people had a problem with the movie being as irresponsible as it’s lead character. And revelling in the parties as much he did, but I think that’s precisely the point and what’s so clever about WOWS. Jordan Belfont essentially gets away with it at the end and the film never makes him pay for what he’s done, which is from I’ve read about the real guy fairly true.

    It’s clever because the film doesn’t make any judgement about him, therefore the emphasis is on audience to do this part. For example If you admire Jordan Belfont and are gagging to do lines of coke off prostitutes ass cheeks – shame on you! On the other hand if you come out of the movie recognising that he was morally bankrupt – well done!

    The film is an acid test on the viewers character and has raised many conversation about the story, this is unique thing as we’re so used to seeing films and media that come down heavy on one side and tell biased story.

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