Farewell, Cornerhouse

I've lived in Manchester since 1988, and Cornerhouse has been part of my life ever since. People I worked with at the time used to raise their eyebrows when I said I'd been there - "what, you mean with the dirty mac brigade!?" I hadn't realised that for people who had lived in Manchester longer … Continue reading Farewell, Cornerhouse


Do not go and see this film if you have a headache - it is VERY SHOUTY. Inside director Xavier Dolan's head must be a difficult place to be. What he manages to create with this film is challenging to watch, but full of outstanding performances from the three main actors. It's not without flaws … Continue reading Mommy

Maxine Peake as Hamlet – recommended viewing?

According to Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian, the film of Maxine Peake's turn as Hamlet is the film you should be watching this week. Not to show off or anything, but I've seen the original stage production of this at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, and I'm not so sure. I had no problem with … Continue reading Maxine Peake as Hamlet – recommended viewing?

María y el Araña – María and Spider

Seen as part of the ¡Viva! Film Festival. I was bracing myself for yet another coming-of-age tale having read the description of this film, the only one in the ¡Viva! Weekender by a female director. But I was pleased to discover that my fears were unfounded. Yes, the film's two main protagonists are a couple … Continue reading María y el Araña – María and Spider

Feriado – Holiday

Seen as part of the ¡Viva! Film Festival. Apparently set in 1999, just before the economic collapse in Ecuador, although this wasn't evident to me. The really interesting thing would have been to explore the race/class/money themes which are touched upon, but instead the film becomes a cliché coming-of-age story (oh how I hate that phrase) … Continue reading Feriado – Holiday