Do not go and see this film if you have a headache – it is VERY SHOUTY. Inside director Xavier Dolan’s head must be a difficult place to be. What he manages to create with this film is challenging to watch, but full of outstanding performances from the three main actors. It’s not without flaws – some unnecessary scenes just drag out what we already know about Steve, while I wanted to know more about Kayla. I also felt the law mentioned at the very beginning was a totally unnecessary device, almost like Dolan didn’t know how he was going to end the story and so he invented this ‘law’ to get him out of a mess. But while some have been critical of his use of ‘unusual’ aspect ratio, I loved it. It brings a few moments of fresh air and free-spiritedness to an otherwise claustrophobic life for all of the characters. The language geek in me was also intrigued to see a film in French-Canadian. My French isn’t too bad, but I honestly didn’t ‘t understand more than a couple of sentences! I certainly think this is a powerful piece of filmmaking, but I’m not sure I ever want to watch this movie again.

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