Welcome HOME!

Last month Cornerhouse and I reluctantly ended our long-standing relationship (it wasn’t my doing; Cornerhouse decided it was time to move on)Today, I began a new relationship with HOME, as Manchester’s new 5 screen, 2 theatre building opened its doors to the general public for the first time this very day.

Entering on the ground floor, there’s a spacious foyer with a huge box office, and what will be a bar, although this isn’t open quite yet.

The first floor hosts theatre space, and the café bar with a high ceiling and lots of light which feels great. This area is modern, and happily the huge space didn’t feel like a school canteen, which very open eating spaces sometimes can to this former teacher! The eating area was around half-full when I was there – there was a definite buzz, but not too loud. I’m going back later in the week to test it out fully!

The 5 screens are on the second floor, and my first cinematic experience at HOME was in screen 3 – one of the smaller screens. Comfortable seating raked such that a short-arse like me can still read the subtitles is a definite plus, along with cup holders in the arm rests for that coffee you absolutely must take in with you.

The only hiccup was that the cinema was stiflingly hot when we first entered – apologies were issued by the management and no-one left; we were all happy enough to bear with the teething problems on the very first day of public screenings, and it did eventually cool down.

So we’re HOME at last. I’m looking forward to many years together – this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

Cheers @HOME_mcr - nice to finally meet you!

Cheers @HOME_mcr – nice to finally meet you!


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