Spooks: The Greater Good

When the final TV series of Spooks finished in 2011, I was sad because I had watched Harry Pearce and his gang since the beginning.And so it was with mixed feelings that I’ve been waiting for this film to hit the screens. While I was both curious and happy to see Harry back, I also wondered whether the transition to a big screen was wise, let alone revisiting the characters.

So, London looks brilliant in this format, and Harry is great. Beyond that however, I’d go so far as to say that this was really just a longer version of the TV show, and could have been left like that. There’s also some unimaginative casting going on. Both Tim McInnerny and David Harewood play parts they have played multiple times before, and Jennifer Ehle looked like she was trying to hold a fart in for her entire time on-screen. Even Kit Harington looked decidedly lacklustre.

The thing about the big screen is that there’s more room for action, yet Spooks is (beyond the set-piece explosions) a cerebral spy series and so is better suited to television, which this film showed up.

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