Clouds of Sils Maria

The Clouds of the title are a meteorological phenomenon which happens in the mountains, where the clouds swirl through the peaks and valleys like a serpent. The clouds will look different depending on where you are viewing them from, but they also shape shift while you are actually watching them.

The film’s plot does exactly the same.

We know we are watching two people having a conversation, but there are times when we’re not sure if it’s for real, or if they’re rehearsing lines from a play they’re working on.

This is a powerful representation of how (some) women see themselves and how they perceive others see them at different points in their careers and lives, admirably portrayed by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart. I’m the same age as Juliette Binoche, and so I could identify easily with many aspects of her situation. I have been Kristen Stewart’s and Chloë Grace Moretz’s ages too. Just not this century. And so it was easy to feel the gap and understand things from the older perspective. I’d really like to know how younger women viewed this film, but I also fear the response.

I have a feeling that, when I revisit this film, I will see different things in it and its nebulous characters.

Hauntingly accurate.

2 thoughts on “Clouds of Sils Maria

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