Long takes, still camera and minimal dialogue. It's all a bit Tarkovsky, but left me asking what and why, which generally isn't the case with the Russian director, who is clearly a massive influence here. It has also has a definite Western vibe (yet another in 2015 - see here for others) and is framed … Continue reading Jauja


Surprisingly, this film doesn't contain a training montage to the soundtrack of an Eminem rap. Naahhhhh, only kidding - of course it does. You didn't expect anything else, did you? I'm not a fan of boxing, or the boxing movie genre, so I can't tell you if this is good or bad in the long … Continue reading Southpaw

In the footsteps of the Corleone Family

    There's a village near Palermo in Sicily called Corleone, which would lead you to believe that scenes from The Godfather films were shot here. However, the actual location for these scenes in on the other side of the island, shared between two different villages - Savoca and Forza d'Agrò. Fortunately, I was staying … Continue reading In the footsteps of the Corleone Family


Much as I enjoy a good documentary, in the past few years I have struggled with them as I've felt manipulated by a number which others have rated really highly (Stories We Tell and Mistaken For Strangers to name two). Asif Kapadia and his team seem to have found a way around (most of) this … Continue reading Amy